1. k_tsoukalas

    What are some medicinal uses for Greek chamomile?

    Stomach aches, digestion, minor inflammation, fevers, relaxation... those are the main things I use chamomile for... plus it also tastes delicious!
  2. k_tsoukalas

    Make sure to fill out PLF form before going to Greece!

    Is this the same thing they hand to us on the airplane?
  3. k_tsoukalas

    Be aware, the National Garden in Athens is temporarily closed

    Are we sure it is closed? Can you offer proof? I couldn't find anything about it being closed online...
  4. k_tsoukalas

    Where is the laiki located in Thessaloniki?

    These are all great choices! There are also smaller, impromptu ones that often set up around the city.
  5. k_tsoukalas

    Do not walk onto the tops of Santorini buildings!

    I agree, there are plenty of opportunities to take great photos without entering private property!
  6. k_tsoukalas

    Quick question: how is hortopita different than spanakopita?

    I second the above. I have also made Horta from kale, chicory, escarole, endive, arugula, lamb's quarters (in Greek the plant is called "levethies") in addition to the ones mentioned. FYI, lamb's quarters taste just like spinach and behave similar to spinach in recipes.
  7. k_tsoukalas

    Im already planning my next trip to Greece! Has anyone been during xmas or easter?

    My favorite month t go to Greece is October! It's warm (80s) and very pleasant. A nice contrast to my life here in New England. Leaves turning, cooler days... The island of Crete is especially great. I was in Crete last week of October once and had beach weather every day. The crowds are...
  8. k_tsoukalas

    Greece border predictions for the fall...will Greece close?

    Honestly, it is hard to say. From CNN - it looks like this article was published, or at least updated, October 2021 https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/greece-travel-covid-19/index.html
  9. k_tsoukalas

    Day trip to Turkey from Rhodes?

    The article is from last year. Maybe it has something to do with it? https://businessturkeytoday.com/greek-ferry-company-halts-flights-to-turkish-ports-due-to-health-reasons-and-tension-in-region.html
  10. k_tsoukalas

    Advice for dressing if you are visiting religious sites in Greece

    I second the shawl trick! When going out and about with a tour group, they usually have shawls. I was wearing short shorts once and they gave me a shawl to tie around my waist. I felt so stupid having to do that, I decided to just bring my own shawl, or simply just dress appropriately if...
  11. k_tsoukalas

    Are there any all inclusive resorts in Crete?

    I actually stayed in two hotels on Crete that could have been treated as an all-inclusive experience. However, I didn't opt to pay for those packages since I wanted to go out and explore. Unfortunately I don't know the name of either one and can't seem to track them down. In both instances we...
  12. k_tsoukalas

    Did you know that Crete has traditional windmills?

    Yes! I have seen them. There's a small village named Vrouhas that has some... I like to rent a car and ride around in that whole area...
  13. k_tsoukalas

    For those of you fasting this week, here is a recipe for lenten stuffed veggies

    This is one of my favorite fasting meals. Instead of parsley, I like to add spearmint when I have it fresh in my garden. I like the way spearmint freshens it up!
  14. k_tsoukalas

    Sunset views from Koropi (neighborhood outside of Athens)

    This is a stunning photograph! Thank you for sharing it...
  15. k_tsoukalas

    Are there many earthquakes in Kefalonia?

    Seismic reports can you usually predict an earthquake, right? I would just read current seismic information, or maybe even just try to put it out of my mind: https://earthquaketrack.com/p/greece/recent
  16. k_tsoukalas

    Are there any food tours in Crete?

    To find a good food tour I would just ask around. That's what I did, and the tours we did was amazing, and there is no information online about it. They may not eve be doing it anymore...
  17. k_tsoukalas

    When I am dining out in Greece...who pays?

    I agree, you will argue about who will get to pay the bill! If that doesn't happen, just carry around Euros and throw some cash down that you want to pay... then other people will chip in.
  18. k_tsoukalas

    How to make Greek stuffed eggplants aka papoutsakia

    I love the papoutsakia dish!!! It's delicious and these recipes all look amazing.
  19. k_tsoukalas

    How old do I have to be to rent a car in Greece?

    I would like to add that some companies require an international driver's license, which you could get at AAA fairly inexpensively in the US before you leave for your trip.