1. nm1999

    Are there student discounts for Athens museum tickets?

    I just moved to Athens a few months ago but I haven't been to any of the museums because of the pandemic but I'm planning on going this summer. Does anyone know if there are student discounts for museum tickets?
  2. nm1999

    What are some Greek Easter desserts?

    What do you usually serve for desserts at Greek Easter? I'm invited to a socially distanced Greek Easter gathering but I've never been to an easter party before, and I want to bring a dessert. Thanks
  3. nm1999

    What are the most useful Greek phrases while traveling?

    Hey everyone, I just moved to Greece and I'm trying to learn as much Greek as possible. A lot of my friends aren't Greek though, so it's hard to keep up. I am planning on taking a few vacations to the islands in the summer...what are some phrases that I should know and use while traveling?
  4. nm1999

    What can I do in the Ladadika district?

    There’s definitely a lot of hype, I remember always hearing about the Laladika in old Greek songs. I think the Laladika used to be a pretty popular rebetika district, with a lot of great music and partying. According to my cousins, it’s not really like that anymore :(
  5. nm1999

    Are there any foods traditional to Corfu?

    The Italian influence is super strong in Corfu, and it’s pretty rare which is why many people haven’t heard of dishes like Pastitsio Dolce. Pastisada is another Italian style dish. It’ a casserole dish that consists of pasta and veal, beef or poultry, that is cooked with chili peppers, garlic...
  6. nm1999

    What are some party must haves for mezze?

    Taramosalata and beet tzatziki are lesser known but delivious mezze! I love the vibrant color of the beet tzatziki its so pink! Add some walnuts and it delish
  7. nm1999

    What are the must try Greek foods for my trip?

    This is the question for me!! I’ve been living in Greece for a while now and i’ve had so many opportunities to try authentic Greek food. I love cabbage rolls, they’re called lahanodolmades and they’re pretty similar to dolmades, but they’re with cabbage...
  8. nm1999

    What are the most tragic and dramatic Greek mythology stories?

    I work as a freelance writer and i’m developing a project with a graphic artist about tragic Greek mythology stories. Can you all comment some of your favorite and most tragic stories? I would love to know.