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    What are your favorite things to do in Monastiraki?

    I love to browse all of the amazing leather shops and buy gifts for my friends back home! What are your favorite things to do in Monastiraki?
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    Have you been to the casino in Rhodes?

    I would love to visit the casino in Rhodes! But I've never gambled in Greece, what is it like?
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    Is the Firka fortress worth visiting?

    I loved visiting the Firka fortress! The tour is a little slower paced, and doesn't compare to the fun of visiting beaches and festivals. It's a really good choice if you're into history
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    What are the biggest influences of the Byzantine empire in Greece?

    Basically, after Constantine the great took power, and moved the capitol of the empire to Constantinople there was a huge Hellenic influence in the Byzantine empire. Previous to that, much of the empire had Italian or "Latin" influence on Greece.
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    Did the "siesta" or Greek mid day nap originate from Ancient Greece?

    I love mid-day naps! Big thanks to the ancient Greeks
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    Is there gluten free food in Greece?

    I've recently developed a gluten intolerance :( and it's so hard to travel because gluten free food is hard to find. Does anyone with a gluten allergy/intolerance have experience with this? Thanks :)
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    Travel to Crete

    Apparently the restrictions will be lifted in May...but I feel like things can always change if the cases go up or if more variants spread.
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    What is your favorite city in Crete?

    Elafonisi beach is a must see! I went to Chania and Rethymno when I visited, it was just enough to get a full taste of what Crete has to offer.
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    Cool ideas for Greek Easter cocktails?

    Ouzo lemonade is so good! Just squeeze fresh lemons, add a bit of simple syrup, and your favourite ouzo! We all know that ouzo goes super well with heavier meats :) cheers!
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    Drop your Santorini sunset pics!

    Love these!! What an amazing view
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    How do I make kokoretsi?

    Hey everyone! I love kokoretsi but i've never attempted it before. Since Easter is coming up, does anyone have advice on how to clean, prepare and cook kokoretsi?
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    What are your must try Santorini dishes?

    Fried tomato balls!! Sounds delicious, book me a flight to Santorini ASAP!
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    Best religious sites in Rhodes?

    There's a beautiful Jewish museum in Rhodes that you might want to visit! https://www.rhodesjewishmuseum.org
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    Recipe for Greek Easter lamb marinade

    I always cook my lamb in parchment paper to keep the juices in! The slower it cooks the better the flavor is
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    What is local Santorini culture like?

    I've been to Santorini before (here's a beautiful picture from my trip), and I loved it but I'm curious as to what the traditional culture of the island is like. Does anyone know?
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    How can I make xorta (horta) or greens outside of Greece?

    Hello again! I’m craving some Greek greens, but I was wondering where I can get my hands on them outside of Greece. What are they called and are there different types of greens?
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    Are there any Greek parfaits?

    Hey everyone! Back with another healthy recipe request! I’ve been getting really into parfaits, they’re so healthy and easy to make. Do you have any greek parfait recipes? I’ve been trying to keep up with the Mediterranean diet. Thanks :)
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    Traveling to Greece 2021 what can I expect?

    I would suggest waiting until procedures and protocols are announced for the summer travel months. Many things can change and it's best to be better safe than sorry. It's best to keep updated with this website often and check it before you plan everything: https://travel.gov.gr/#/
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    What was Paris from the Trojan War like?

    Paris was the son of the King of Troy. Before the baby’s birth, Hecuba dreamed that she would give birth to a “flaming torch,” and a seer predicted that Paris would some day be the downfall of Troy
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    Cruising in Greece in 2021?

    That's so sad to hear :( but it does make sense. Cruise ships sound like a hot bed for covid