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    Best things to do in Liston Square

    This is a great place to walk around, spend a quiet evening, and get a nice meal. It's so pretty!
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    How can I have a COVID safe baptism?

    I would stick with adhering to the church's safety guidelines, and then try to make the celebration afterwards outdoors, with as much social distancing as possible. If that is not possible, maybe you should consider limiting the guest list, having people wear masks, and make sure the room is...
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    What are the most useful Greek phrases while traveling?

    I would stick to learning the polite basics - Please (parakalo) - Thank you (efharisto) - Hello (actually means good day, or good morning) - Kalimera. You can use a free app like duolingo, though, to teach you a bit more.
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    What traditional Mykonos dishes should I try?

    Besides the suggestions mentioned above, I would also try the fresh seafood. It's so abundant, and you can easily find it in a local restaurant.
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    Do you have any car rental tips for Greece?

    Driving in Greece feels a little hectic in the cities, and also in the cities it isn't quite necessary. Outside of the city, it is really helpful because a car allows you to be on your own timeline when doing excursions. I seem to recall they require an international driver's license, which is...
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    Best birthday gifts for Greek mythology fans

    I agree with Nick, maybe you can buy a pretty jewelry box and then maybe get little stones with different words etched in them to match the emotions, etc that were released when the box was opened.
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    Can I get around Corfu without a car?

    You know, driving Greece really isn't that bad! You just need to know the driving rules and what the signs mean - the signage is a bit different in Europe. But, I find the public bus system on islands like Corfu to be great, and there is also the option of getting a taxi.
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    What are your favorite lenten recipes?

    I eat a lot of soups during lent, like lentil soup:
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    What is the superstition behind the snakes at the Virgin Mary Church in Kefalonia?

    That is crazy spooky! I also heard a similar story about Tinos for August 15? Anyone else know about the Tinos story?
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    Where is the safest place to travel in Greece?

    Definitely be careful of pickpocketing but just secure your wallet. Never put it in your back pocket, always keep it in the front of your body or in a cross body purse. This should be done no matter where you are. Everywhere I have ever been in Greece has been perfectly safe!
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    What are your must try Santorini dishes?

    The memorable foods I ate in Santorini involved tomatoes! The soil conditions are unique because of the volcanic activity, and they are extra sweet. They have these tomato croquettes that are delicious "domatakeftedes" :
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    Is baklava Greek or Turkish?

    It's complicated. Phyllo originated in Greece in the 3rd Century BC. There is a similar dessert in Ancient Greece that has the same filing but uses a different dough. Many believe that the dish itself came from the Byzantine Empire. The word baklava has Turkish origins, but that doesn't mean...
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    Recipe for Greek Easter lamb marinade

    I make a marinade with plenty of fresh lemon juice, oregano, salt, pepper, and garlic. I brush it on the meat and let it sit overnight. The day of cooking, I brush the mixture on the lamb every thirty minutes or so while it is cooking. This marinade works whether you bake, grill, or roast it on...
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    Why is the club sandwich so popular in Greece?

    That looks like an amazing sandwich! I think the club-style sandwich is so popular because it has bacon and tomatoes in it! Since tomatoes are so yummy in Greece I can see the sandwich doing well there. This style sandwich is popular in the United States. The origin of that sandwich is under...
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    What do I need to know before visiting the Theotokos Monastery in Corfu?

    I should add that for women, pants aren't really allowed. I was wearing slacks and a short sleeve shirt at one place, and I was given a scarf at the door to tie around my waist to make it look like I was wearing a skirt. One would think that pants would be considered "modest", but that wasn't...
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    What are your favorite Greek fruits?

    Fresh figs in Greece are the best I have ever tasted! They are so sweet and fresh. It's not the same buying them in the store. The food is so fresh, I love everything when it is in season. My favorite is the fresh watermelon!
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    Best religious sites in Rhodes?

    There are a lot of beautiful Greek Orthodox Churches on the island of Rhodes, too, which would be fun to visit. I think they might give religious tours on the island.
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    What can I eat as a vegetarian in Greece?

    Even though that's the joke, that Greeks eat lamb and don't understand vegetarianism, Greeks don't traditionally eat a ton of meat in Greece. It's just that, Greeks don't really understand a diet where anything is restricted. Greeks don't overthink food. They just want it to be delicious...
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    Special dishes from Kefalonia that I should try

    There's also a traditional candy on the island called Pastokidino that is made from Pistachios if you can find it. Also, the island is particularly known for its honey.
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    How can I make xorta (horta) or greens outside of Greece?

    You can technically use any greens that you find in the store that are able to be boiled, like collard greens, mustard greens, spinach, escarole, etc. It being Greek is more about the seasoning - it's usually lemon juice, olive oil, and sea salt. The greens themselves are less important. You can...