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    Best kadaifi recipe?

    I like this recipe https://www.greekboston.com/food/desserts/kataifi-recipe/
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    Did the "siesta" or Greek mid day nap originate from Ancient Greece?

    It actually does date back to ancient Greece! Who knew traditions could carry for so long. https://greekreporter.com/2020/06/15/the-once-sacred-greek-tradition-of-siesta-time/
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    Is climbing Mount Ainos in Kefalonia exhausting?

    Has anyone climbed Mount Ainos? I would love to take on the challenge but I'm a little out of shape LOL. How difficult is it?
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    What is the superstition behind the snakes at the Virgin Mary Church in Kefalonia?

    Hey everyone, I heard a really spooky story about how snakes gather at the foot of the Virgin Mary Church in Kefalonia every year on August 15th (the day of the Virgin Mary). Does anyone know anything about this? I'd love to hear the story and superstition behind it.
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    What are some non-alcoholic Greek drinks?

    Hi everyone, what are some popular non-alcoholic Greek drinks and beverages? I'll be visiting Greece soon, but I don't drink alcohol and I want to try some authentic drinks. Any advice?
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    Can Mykonos be fun while social distancing?

    I would be pretty careful, small islands aren't really the best place to socially distance. Maybe getting an airbnb over a hotel would be a bit of a safer option. Good luck!
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    What are the spots for the best nightlife in Rhodes?

    Socratous Garden is the place to be! Although you can certainly enjoy this place at night, it’s worth it to come while it’s still daylight so that you can enjoy the beautiful gardens while you eat and drink.
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    Never been to Thessaloniki. Where to start?

    I love Aristotelis Square! Almost all of Thessaloniki’s public celebrations (Christmas and New Year), as well as cultural and political events and rallies are held on Aristotelous Square. It's so beautiful during holidays because everyone is out and about shopping, eating, and enjoying the...
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    What makes Greek pita Greek?

    What type of pita is the best to use in Greek recipes? I get really confused with all the different types of pita and the brands. What is the style of Greek pita? Is it the one that looks like this picture?
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    What’s an alternative to grilling meats Greek style?

    Hi guys. I am wondering if you can help me out… I love grilling, especially in the summer and one of my favorite marinades to use is the classic Greek marinade of garlic, olive oil, lemon, salt pepper and oregano. But it just gets way too cold here in New York to grill during the winter months...
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    What are your traveling tips for couples visiting Crete?

    My cousin went on a honeymoon to Crete last year and she went horseback riding on the beach. It looked super romantic, and it sounds like such a fun activity.
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    Where can I find small village charm in Kefalonia?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to find some small villages in Kefalonia to visit while I'm there. I really like to travel on the offbeat and path and get to know locals, is there anywhere I can do that on the island? I'm super adventurous and open to anything. The more authentic the better.
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    Where can I have a calm getaway in Rhodes?

    My favorite place to visit in Rhodes is Kallithea Springs. The site is famous for it’s healing springs and it has been known for this since ancient times. The spas have had a turbulent history and they often fall into disrepair and close.
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    How can I travel to Greece with kids in peace?

    Do you have any tips for travelling with kids in Greece? I have three kids and my husband and I are planning on visiting next summer, going to Athens and Crete.
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    Can Athens be romantic?

    Athens can toootalllyyy be romantic. If you find the right spots, and avoided crowded and tourist areas it can be a great time. I would suggest visiting one or two historic attractions, and then spending the rest of the time walking around Kolonaki and Monastiraki. Here's a great cafe I went to...