1. greek_ggirl

    Why did the Greek civil war start?

    Does anyone know a bit more about why the civil war in Greece started?
  2. greek_ggirl

    What are the best spots to check out the Italian architecture in Rhodes?

    I was told that there is so much Italian influence in Rhodes! Where exactly can I see the influence? Are there any sites I can visit?
  3. greek_ggirl

    What are your preparations for Holy Week?

    Attending some great virtual church services and spending time with family!! We're also making magiritsa on Saturday night :)
  4. greek_ggirl

    Did you know that there is a museum of Asian art in Corfu?

    I had no idea!! Are there artifacts from all over Asia? Or is the collection just from East Asia or the near East?
  5. greek_ggirl

    What are the best Ancient sites to visit in Greece?

    I really liked visiting Knossos Archaeological Site in Crete! Crete has some of the most unique archeological sites in Greece because they were a part of the Minoan culture
  6. greek_ggirl

    Recipe for Greek homemade pasta?

    This is what this recipe reads https://www.greekboston.com/food/homemade-noodles-recipe/ 1 large egg 1/2 cup buttermilk, sour milk, yogurt, or fresh milk Pinch of salt 1 1/2 cups semolina flour (or gluten-free all-purpose flour if following a gluten free diet) All-purpose flour, for dusting...
  7. greek_ggirl

    Is it worth going on a guided tour of Thessaloniki?

    I'm wondering if I should book a guided tour to really get to know the city well and learn about all of the history and culture. Is it worth it? And would you recommend a private tour guide or going in a group? I really want to learn more about the places that I'm visiting and not just walking...
  8. greek_ggirl

    Can I use natural dye to dye red Easter eggs?

    I've been trying to avoid toxins and chemicals these days. Has anyone used natural dyes to dye their eggs? Or even tried dyeing eggs with beet juice? Would it end up looking like the picture below or would it come out like a lighter pink?
  9. greek_ggirl

    What is the best Greek easter menu?

    What are you all serving up for Easter this year? I need to plan a full menu and I'd like some advice
  10. greek_ggirl

    Best Greek dances and songs to play at Easter parties

    Hey everyone! What are your favorite dances to do at Easter parties? I'm curating a playlist now and I want to know what to add. Do you all like kalamatiano? Zeibekiki? Anything else?
  11. greek_ggirl

    What type of gifts do Godparents get for their Godchild on Easter?

    It's my first Easter as a Godmother (nona). What can I get my Godchild? He's one years old. Thanks!
  12. greek_ggirl

    Greek themed covid masks?

    Has anyone seen any online Greek shops that sell Greek style (evil eye or Greek flag for example) covid masks?
  13. greek_ggirl

    What is shopping at the Athens laiki (farmers market) like?

    This is a video of a farmers market in Crete but you get the idea! Everything is so fresh, if you like the farmers market in Toronto you will love the ones in Greece.
  14. greek_ggirl

    Have you been to Assos village?

    How long did it take you to see the whole village?
  15. greek_ggirl

    Cool ideas for Greek Easter cocktails?

    Hey everyone, I'm a huge cocktail drinker (as you can see in this pic lol). While everyone is gonna be drinking beers this Easter, I want to enjoy a refreshing cocktail. Can anyone recommend a good cocktail pairing for meat and lamb?
  16. greek_ggirl

    How useful is the Athens subway system?

    I love the Athens metro! It's suprisingly clean, and super fast! I really recommend it for getting around :)
  17. greek_ggirl

    What are some old Easter traditions?

    I believe it has always been that way! I know the tradition of cooking Mageiritsa soup is also very old. The recipe has been in my family for generations.
  18. greek_ggirl

    How should I dress for my vacation to Greece?

    Greece is similar to the rest of Europe in terms of fashion and dress standards. The fashion is very different from Canada or the US. I'm not sure where you're from. I would say wear what you are comfortable with. Greece gets very hot, and if you're going to be visiting a lot of sites I would...
  19. greek_ggirl

    What are your favorite Greek history documentaries/films?

    I love America America!! It's so old and it's a good insight to what life in the olden days was like in Greece.
  20. greek_ggirl

    Tips for a romantic getaway for couples in Rhodes

    Good question! We're both from Canada so we're looking to enjoy the sun and get away from a long and stressful year of lockdown. Any suggestions for quiet beaches (we hate beach clubs/bars), spas, and less touristy spots would be great! We're not looking to do any outdoorsy or sport type things.