1. k_tsoukalas

    What is the best Greek dish to bring to a potluck?

    I would do spanakopita, or something like this, which is always a crowd pleaser. It's more Greek-inspired than traditional Greek, but the flavors are all there. I serve it with crispy pita chips or soft pita bread cut in triangles: https://www.skinnytaste.com/greek-7-layer-dip/
  2. k_tsoukalas

    How to make a refreshing watermelon drink for the summer!

    This looks delicious! You know, watermelon and ouzo taste great together. I wonder how your creation would taste with a bit of ouzo in it? To make it into a cocktail?
  3. k_tsoukalas

    Where to go in Athens for some of the best nightlife!

    Rooftop bars are definitely a favorite of mine in Athens. Besides Thissio, Exarchia, and Gazi, does anyone know any others? For the next time I am in Athens?
  4. k_tsoukalas

    Check out Agios Gordios beach in Corfu

    This beach is really stunning - I will need to visit some day!
  5. k_tsoukalas

    When you lose something, just make fanouropita!

    I have heard this! I wonder if it really works. :-) In any case, the cake looks delicious.
  6. k_tsoukalas

    What a Greek adult baptism looks like

    I have never seen an adult baptism. This is so fascinating!
  7. k_tsoukalas

    These are the best Greek recipes that you can make in an air fryer!

    I hear the air fryer offers an easy way to cook. These recipes look great! I don't have one, but I am thinking of buying one soon.
  8. k_tsoukalas

    The best foods to try while in Santorini

    I love, love, love tomato and fava fritters .... I fell in love with tomato fritters on Santorini! The sweet wine, Mandilaria, tastes especially delicious with the tomato fritters.
  9. k_tsoukalas

    How to make juicy Greek style lamb burgers!

    I find the same thing, that I usually mix in some 90% lean beef with the lamb. A ratio that works for me is 3 parts lamb and 1 part beef.
  10. k_tsoukalas

    How expensive is it to travel around the Ionian islands by boat?

    I have always wanted to do this too! I hear of people doing it and to save money, they do a charter for a small yacht that maybe sleeps ten and then they split the cost between all ten people.
  11. k_tsoukalas

    This Greek Evzone was made in the USA!

    This was fascinating! So cool that a Greek-American has this role.
  12. k_tsoukalas

    What are the most in demand jobs for Greek speakers?

    You actually could make extra money while you're in school as an online tutor for Greek. This will give you experience professionally working with the Greek language, and for things like translation, etc. It's good for the resume. Platforms: https://preply.com/ https://www.verbling.com...
  13. k_tsoukalas

    Talented Greek singers and dancers in Crete!

    Love, Love Cretan dancing! This is a great video.
  14. k_tsoukalas

    How long can you store phyllo in the freezer for?

    There are shortages, I don't blame you for stocking up. I've kept Phyllo in the freezer for up to a year!
  15. k_tsoukalas

    What is the difference between the Roman and Byzantine empire?

    The Roman Empire used to be HUGE and it became difficult to manage. It split apart for the eastern Roman Empire (which became the Byzantine Empire) and the Western Roman Empire (which became the portion we associate with Rome and all that). I don't remember all the details but this is gist.
  16. k_tsoukalas

    Is it easy to eat gluten free in Greece?

    The people who I know who travel as gluten free end up packing a lot of their own food, and they end up with a vacation place that has a kitchen, just in case they realize they have to cook. It creates an extra step but it gives me peace of mind.
  17. k_tsoukalas

    How to choose a fresh fish at the fish market!

    Choosing fresh fish is an art. Thank you for sharing this video, it is very informative!
  18. k_tsoukalas

    Have you been to the Monastery of Themata in Kefalonia?

    I have never been! It sounds like an interesting place to visit. Does it take a lot to get up to it or can you drive up?
  19. k_tsoukalas

    What desserts are served at Greek weddings?

    We serve kourabedies at our family weddings. I have seen all kinds of things, though, like baklava and koulourakia.
  20. k_tsoukalas

    What is the most debated topic in Greek history?

    We don't really debate, we're pretty much in agreement. We LOVE talking about the Spartans especially, and in general, the Second Persian Invasion and its many battles.