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    Here are some of the best tour guide companies in Greece

    These are some of the best companies that I've heard of and researched online. If you have any suggestions, please comment so we can add to the list Contiki Intrepid Premium True Greece Trekking Hellas
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    List of best museums in Athens

    1. Acropolis Museum 2. National Archaeological Museum 3. Museum of Illusions Athens 4. Museum of Ancient Agora 5. Benaki Museum of Islamic Art
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    Weird Ancient Greek superstitions

    Did you know that some Ancient Greeks wouldn't eat beans because they said they contained the souls of dead people....eeek! Do you know of any other superstitions?
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    Kefalonia is the best place to scuba dive!

    They have some of the best caves and crevices to scuba dive!! Just look at how beautiful this is
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    The Christmas boat is the original Christmas tree in Greece

    Did you know this? Before decorating the Christmas tree in Greece became a thing, Greeks decorated Christmas boats! Im glad they're making a comeback...check them out! https://www.livinglanguage.com/blog/2014/12/25/not-just-christmas-trees-greeks-also-decorate-the-christmas-boat/
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    Best Greek music mix!

    5 hours of some of the best Greek music! I play this in the background while I'm working or doing chores around the house, it's so great and really gives me kefi ahaha
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    Have you been to any old school rebetathika in Athens?

    Are there any old school rebetathika that exist still? I would love to check one out in Athens and see some great Greek live music!
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    How Athena became the guardian of Athens

    Athena became the guardian of Athens because she actually defeated Posideon. He also wanted to be the guardian of Athens so she had to go head to head with him. They each had to give residents a gift, and Athena gave the Athenians an olive tree which they found more useful so they chose her as...
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    What is the history of the marathon?

    I know that the marathon originated in ancient Greece...but what is the history and how did we end up with the modern day marathon?
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    What are some of the best traditional desserts from Kefalonia?

    I would love to spend my time in Kefalonia hopping from bakery to bakery! What desserts do you recommend for someone who has a sweet tooth? Thanks :)
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    Check out this video of Platys Gialos beach!

    I absolutely love this beach! Check this video out and let me know what you think
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    Agios Pavlos beach has the most beautiful church!

    I love small churches right next to the beach like this one at Agios Pavlos beach! Does anyone know if small churches like these are operating?
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    Have you been wine tasting in Mykonos?

    I went to a great wine tasting in Ano Mera! I don't remember what it's called though. I'm sure every winery is great
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    What type of gifts do Godparents get for their Godchild on Easter?

    That's such a good idea! Religous gifts are great, and they really make the holiday special. It sounds like you had great godparents, what a blessing :)
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    Dolmadakia with or without meat?

    Avgolemono is the best! I love it on lahanodolmades too
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    Dolmadakia with or without meat?

    What do you guys prefer? Dolmadakia with or without meat?
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    The significance of the Cathedral Church of Agia Sophia of Thessalonica

    What is the religous significance of this church? I would love to visit but I don't know enough about it, thanks!
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    Island hopping from Rhodes

    Any advice for island hopping from Rhodes? I have a few days free after I land
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    How to make Greek style bifteki (hamburger)

    I had this amazing bifteki (Greek style hamburger) in Greece. It was so flavorful, not like American hamburger meat that's just seasoned with salt and pepper. Does anyone know how to make it at home?
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    Should I get a Greek passport?

    I'm Greek-Australian, and I've never considered getting a Greek passport until COVID made it easier to travel to Greece with proof of citizenship/passport. Do any other children of Greek immigrants have passports? Have you found it to be worth it?