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    Have you been to the Monastery of Themata in Kefalonia?

    You can drive there, nor far from Sami.
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    Did you know that you can see baby turtles being born in Zakynthos?

    Should be summer around August. You can also see them in Kefalonia at Mounda beach near Skala . They usually lie their eggs at night and cover them with sand.
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    Tips for taking taxis in Athens!

    You can use this, it will give you approximate cost for day and night trip. It takes into account the traffic as well. https://www.taxi-calculator.com/taxi-fare-estimation
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    Mykonos scam

    Anyone contemplating going to Mykonos read this before you go: https://au.yahoo.com/tourists-greek-beach-bar-court-084347742.html https://dkoysterscam.com/ We all know Mykonos is expensive but this is a scam of giant proportions.
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    Is lobster popular in Greee?

    You can find lobster in Athens, I had it in a restaurant at Lykavittos near teleferik. a few restaurants in Santorini, we had it at Armeni in Oia. They normally charge you by the actual weight and it is not cheap. You should find it in Mykonos too.
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    Moving to Greece

    It was inevitable that inflation will kick in after all the newly printed money .
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    Moving to Greece

    I agree with the comments "ellinasgolfer032" stated above. From your comments sounds like you never been to Greece. I was born in Greece, I have family there and own property in Greece . I visit almost every year ( not the last 2 due to covid) . Would I go there to live permanently? No way...
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    What are some of the best traditional desserts from Kefalonia?

    Yes mostly red but not always .
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    What are some of the best traditional desserts from Kefalonia?

    I don't have a recipe but the ingredients are : Sugar, Almond, Caramel (sugar - glucose - honey), Lemon juice, Butter I believe the are originals from Kefalonia. They are candied almonds, I don't think " dessert" is a correct description.
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    What is the difference between the Greek president and prime minister?

    The president, is head of state and the prime minister is head of government. The president is elected for a five-year term by the Hellenic Parliament in a special session at least a month before the incumbent's term expires. The president is elected by the parliament, it can take up to 5...
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    Where is the best place to go diving and snorkelling in Kefalonia?

    In my opinion Kakava reef near Skala has to be one of the best in the Island. Most of the reef is 3- 4 mtrs deep with crystal clear water.
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    Taking cash to Greece

    There is no limit but you must declare if €10,000 or more (or the equivalent in a foreign currency)
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    I visited Gentilini winery in Kefalonia and it was amazing!

    I hope you had some Robola! We can buy it in Sydney, $26.00 per bottle.
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    Does anyone have a good recipe for trigona Thessalonikis?

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    Exploring beaches and castles in Kefalonia!

    Antisamos beach. One of my favorites in Kefalonia, note the turquoise water and green mountain! Not far from Sami. I know it is not famous like Myrtos.
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    Exploring beaches and castles in Kefalonia!

    Lake/cave Melissani 12 August 2018. The lake has brackish water and the deepest part is some 30 mtrs (100' for Americans).
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    Take a 2 Day beach trip to Thassos from Thessaloniki

    Drive from Thessaloniki to Keramoti ( close to Kavala), about 2 hour drive on the motorway and take the ferry to Thassos a bit over 1/2 hour.
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    How much does it cost to rent a boat in Greece?

    It depends on the time of the year, much cheaper off season, the duration and the size of the yacht. Looking at the photo you put up looks like 40' plus . For that you have to budget 500-1000 € per day.