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    Beautiful live music in Kefalonia

    This is not an abnormal site to see in Greece, just a group of friends enjoying themselves and sharing their talents with others. Bravo to these men on the beautiful island of Kefalonia!
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    The best restaurants in Santorini

    Santorini has some of the best Greek cuisine! Ever since the tourism industry has been booming, chefs from all over the world have been visiting, opening up restaurants, and collaborating with Greek shifts. In my opinion, this is the island where you can get the most diverse and elevated...
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    Marathonisi Islet is a wonderful place to visit in Zakynthos

    I never see people talking about Marathonisi Islet and I don't know why! The islet is right across from Laganas Beach and is not inhabited by any locals. Its simply a beautiful piece of untouched nature that is great for a day trip.
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    The story of Hercules

    Hercules is probably one of the most famous Greek figures, having a famous Disney movie after his story. As most Greek mythology stories, his starts from a dark place, being unwanted by his family. The Oracle provided him with 12 labors that he needed to defeat. This video goes over all of them!
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    How to save money at your Greek wedding

    Wow that is so much cheaper than most areas of the world...good to know! Does this price apply for most areas of Greece? And does it include food? Thanks for your insight :)
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    The best place to visit in Rhodes is Ancient Ialyssos!

    Im googling and its coming up as the same thing...what is the difference? :)
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    How to make sweet chestnuts

    Chestnuts are a super popular Greek snack that is usually eaten plain or with salt. Chestnuts are also used in a number of sweet and savory recipes, such as stifado. This recipe uses fresh chestnuts and sugar to make caramelized chestnuts that are sweet and sticky on the outside and soft on the...
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    How to make super thin crepes!

    Crepes are not a traditional part of Greek cuisine, but they are very popular all around Greece. I always like to order mine with bananas, nutella, and some ice cream on top. It's pretty tricky to make these at home, but with a bit of practice you'll nail it. Here is a great recipe that you can use.
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    Milos island is becoming more popular than ever!

    Amazing! I'm planning a day trip there since I can't seem to find affordable hotels so late in the summer. My advice is to book early
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    Did you know that Santorini has an industrial tomato museum?

    Santorini had a huge production of tomatoes, which was so big that they even have an industrial tomato museum that is open to the public. Santorini no longer exports as much tomato paste as it used to, I'm assuming because it became one of the most popular tourist hot spots in the entire world...
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    Where to go in Athens for some of the best nightlife!

    Athens has some great nightlife!! There are so many options to choose from, and it really depends on what you're looking for. My personal favourites are rooftop bars that overlook the Parthenon, you can find most of these in Thissio. But many local Athenians would say that these spots are very...
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    The best wineries to visit in Rhodes

    I will try to remember this for when I visit, I love low-key spots and supporting local businesses!
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    What do you think of these essential Greek travel tips?

    You have lived a crazy life my friend! Makes me want to move to Mykonos and work there for good!
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    Where to travel in Greece if you love wine!

    If you love wine, Greece is some of the best places to go to! There are great wines all over Greece, but certain areas are revered for their high quality grapes and crisp wines. Some of my personal favorites are Santorini wines. For Santorini, I specifically recommend Assyrtiko which is the...
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    These are my favourite Greek candies and chocolate!

    Greece has so many unique candies and chocolates, so these are just a few of my favorites. I would definitely love to try more, so if you have any recommendations of tasty treats from your childhood, I would love to pick them up and try them next time I'm in Greece. Here is my list -Sokofreta...
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    The classic myth of the golden fleece

    This is a classic story from Greek mythology. As you will see in the video, this fleece was from a coveted golde ram whose hair was made out of gold. Anyone who was able to get their hands on this fleece would be considered a true king and would gain access to power over the land. This is where...
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    How to marinate your meat Greek style for the summer!

    You're lucky! Greek style marinade is the same for pretty much all types of meat and seafood! The marinade are super easy to make and can be used for many dishes, which is why you can even make it ahead of time and put it in a mason jar in the fridge to keep fresh. For chicken, beef and pork, I...
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    Listen to this beautiful song covered by Xaris Alexiou

    Xaris Alexiou does a beautiful rendition of the song Barbagiannakakis. It seems that this video clips from a movie, so if anyone knows where it's from I would really appreciate it. I believe the song was originally written and sung by Andonis Diamantidis but I could be wrong, since many songs...
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    Tips for taking taxis in Athens!

    I've had the same experience, it's a bit tricky to get a good driver from the airport.
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    Hiking up Mount Ainos in Kefalonia

    This is one of the best hikes you can do on the island, and in the region for sure. It can be a bit difficult for those who aren't experienced, so I do recommend that you hike in a group or with a tour guide. Of course, you don't have to hike all the way up and you can travel part of the way by...