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    Greek travel tips for the summer!

    Definitely get an international drivers license just in case!
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    Mushroom gyros are the best vegan option!

    Wow 4.8 reviews, that's great thanks for the recommendation
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    Corfu is getting a new marina

    Im so happy to hear this news! The island announced that it will be building a much needed new marina. The tourism minister said that "the number of arrivals to Corfu in July increased by 19.7 percent over the same month in 2019 despite the global challenges" which is great. The marina will help...
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    There are no Taxis in Santorini!

    This is how it works in most places in Greece besides Athens. Ive never been to Santorini though. Where do I find the phone numbers of these taxi drivers?
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    "Remember When" is a great Greek family tv show!

    Yes it's excellent! It's a great way to learn about Greek culture and history
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    48 years ago, Turkey invaded Cyprus

    This is one of the saddest stories in Greek history. 48 years ago on July 15, 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus and displaced and killed huge portions of the Greek populations and it continuously illegally occupies northern Cyprus to this day. To this day, there are abandoned Greek homes in Northern...
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    Where can I see live traditional Cretan dancing?

    Airbnb has its own section of the website titled "experiences" where locals show you authentic parts of the culture. Might be a good idea.
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    Great news! My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is being filmed

    This was first posted on Nia Vardalos' instagram! I'm so excited to see the third movie and what the writers and actors have come up with. Of course, nothing is going to beat the original, which I absolutely love. But, it is nice to see Greeks on the big screen. What do you think? Are you excited?
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    Do you know these famous Greeks?

    This is a really fun game to test your Greek knowledge. Do you know all of these politicians and celebrities? I could only name a few.
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    How to make bougatsa, Greeces famous sweet breakfast dish

    Bougatsa is Greeces most famous sweet breakfast dish, and is usually eaten in the northern part of Greece. It has a sweet custard in the middle and flaky phyllo dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon on the outside. I really suggest that you try making it yourself! The frozen ones can't even...
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    How to save money at your Greek wedding

    Greek weddings can get pretty pricey, especially if you have a lot of guests and you're planning on getting married in the peak summer season. The best thing you can do is start planning your wedding early, so that you have time to shop around and see which vendors and venues will be the...
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    Do you know where honey gets its taste?

    A little known fact, is that the flavor of honey will depend on where the bees are getting their nectar. Meaning that if the bees are getting their nectar from sunflowers or evergreen trees, your honey will taste totally different and have a completely different color! I personally love...
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    These are the Argonauts ⚔️

    The Argonauts are the lesser known heroes! They were a group of heroes who followed Jason to retrieve the golden fleece. According to the myth, there was about 90 of these warriors, who were pivotal in achieving the dangerous conquest of the fleas. The argonauts were named after Jasons ship, the...
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    Taking a cruise around the Greek islands is a great idea if you have kids!

    Cruises are also pretty safe, I went a while back and felt pretty secure about letting the kids roam around the boat
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    Where to go in Athens for some of the best nightlife!

    Thisseio is pretty touristy but the views are great, so I like to go from time to time.
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    The Current Greek Mythology?

    I really like this perspective. I think that the more approaches we can take to religion, the better we will be able to analyze it and understand it at face value. It's always good to critically think about the information presented to us before we make conclusions.
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    Milos island is becoming more popular than ever!

    I'm not even surprised that Milos is one of the most up and coming Greek islands this summer. So many of my friends are planning on visiting, and I have some cousins who went last year and have nothing but rave reviews. The island is pretty small, and known for its amazing beaches. As you can...
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    What is this that we call love? Sung by Sophia Loren

    This is one of the most iconic Greek songs from cinema. The lyrics translate to "what is this that we call love." It is sung by the famous Italian actress Sophia Loren in a very popular American movie called Boy on a Dolphin that is set in Greece. Her voice is absolutely incredible, and her...
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    How to make refreshing mussels saganaki for the summer

    Mussels might seem like an intimidating dish to cook, but they're actually pretty easy. I like to get fresh mussels from a fishmonger or a grocery store when they are available. I make sure to clean them really well on the outside to get all of the sand out, and I boil them once until they open...