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    Most Popular Spoon Sweets?

    I am interested in making my own spoon sweets. What are the most popular? I have eaten cherry, grape, lemon peel, and orange peel spoon sweets. Are they easy or hard to make? Are they similar to jams or other preserves? I find these tastier than American-style jams, with more of the fruit...
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    Spending Greek Easter in Athens?

    I am not sure I have enough time to plan this for 2023, but I might if I start taking action. I am contemplating spending Greek Easter in Athens or the surrounding area. I have heard stories of people doing so, and I am curious about it. I want to go either this year or next. What do Greeks do...
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    Learning about Greek Independence Day

    I want to start researching the Greek War for Independence - since Greek Independence Day is celebrated on March 25th of every year. I know that this is when we celebrate Greece's freedom from the Ottoman Empire. However, I recently learned that March 25th is actually when the war began for most...
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    Visiting Delphi this Summer Question

    This seems like a great option for doing it. Taking a guided tour/ day trip can eliminate some of the hassle and maybe I don't want to stay overnight...
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    What other places are near Delphi?

    It is likely I will be spending time in Delphi this year - I want to see the site of the Oracle. Athens is my starting point and I was thinking, what else is there in the Delphi area, or within driving distance? I have seen very little of mainland Greece. Also on that trip I want to visit...
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    Visiting Delphi this Summer Question

    Thank you everyone for the advice - this is so helpful!
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    Simple Greek Desserts to Try?

    I am not a baker really but I love eating sweets, in small amounts, after dinner. I am trying to find some recipes! Does anyone have a good recipe for that chocolate cracker log thing? I have heard it called "Salami" and also "mosaiko". It has crackers (or biscuit cookies really), cocoa powder...
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    Greek-Style Fish "Dressing"

    I don't know what else to call this ... I bumped into a recipe for ladolemono that had olive oil, lemon, oregano, garlic, and some onion. I decided to make a ladolemono similar to this, but adjust the seasonings for fish. I plan to make salmon this week! So instead of oregano I will be using...
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    Do Greeks Eat Salmon?

    That sounds so good! Dill and salmon is a classic. Sounds so good!
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    Do Greeks Eat Salmon?

    Salmon is one of my favorite fish. I am not sure I have ever seen it served in Greece! Is it because it might not be readily available? That being said, it is available where I live and I am wondering which "Greek" ways of preparing fish are best for salmon, if any? I am okay if it is a bit...
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    Favorite Greek-Style Ways to Make Fish?

    I love seafood. I am making a list of my favorite ways to prepare fish and other seafoods. I want these methods to be mostly Greek style but I am open to any suggestions you have! When I want Greek-style fish, I typically make it Plaki style, but someone suggested to try ladolemono, which I will...
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    Using Ladolemono Dressing in Greek Cooking

    Love this! I'll add to my list.
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    Visiting Delphi this Summer Question

    I have been researching places on mainland Greece to visit from Athens and I definitely want to make sure I see Delphi. This site has always fascinated me. Do you guys have any advice? I am not opposed to staying in Delphi for a night or two if it helps me better experience the place. I don't...
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    Preparing Greek Style Pork for Christmas?

    Thank you! I ended up serving pita and Lahanosalata and I skipped the Horta. You're right, it didn't make sense. :-)
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    Good Greek Desserts to Bring to a Holiday Party

    Pasta Flora was a good idea! I ended up doing that and it came out great... Thank you!
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    Good Greek Desserts to Bring to a Holiday Party

    I plan to bring some Greek desserts to some of the parties I will be attending over the next few weeks. Do you have any suggestions? I plan to make koulourakia, melamakarona, and I am looking for one other thing, like a nice cake. The cake would be for a holiday dessert party. I was thinking...
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    Preparing Greek Style Pork for Christmas?

    My vote is to use ladolemono, but what do others think? That's what I would do to marinate it. In terms of sides, how about horta, fasolakia, maybe some moussaka?
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    Using Ladolemono Dressing in Greek Cooking

    From what I can tell, ladolemono (a dressing made from lemon, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, oregano...) is very versatile. I use it sometimes when I cook, but not all the time. I thought I would compile a list of ideas: - marinate meat, especially pork or poultry - make lemony potatoes -...
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    Advice for Visiting Nafplio Over the Summer?

    I plan to visit Nafplio over the summer. I have never been, and I will be flying into Athens. Any advice is appreciated! Specifically: - Is there good nightlife there? - How about shopping? - Any top sites to see, like landmarks or museums? - I would also appreciate restaurant recommendations...
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    Best places to visit on mainland Greece?

    Same! Thank you so much. I will research these places...