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    Braised Lamb Shank Seasonings

    What seasonings do people typically use for the Greek braised lamb shank? I can't seem to get the combinations right. I like the savory/sweet nature of typical sauces. Mine is more savory than sweet. I have seen recipes with oregano and cinnamon. I have seen recipes with thyme and nutmeg. I have...
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    Greek sausage dish?

    When I was at a Greek restaurant, I bumped into a dish that had sausage, onions, peppers, and tomato. I had some - a friend I was dining with had ordered it. I want to make it at home - it was delicious and looked pretty simple. I don't remember what it is called, so I am having a difficult...
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    Making Greek baked beans advice...

    Thank you! I think I will give this a try. I didn't even realize they may have different cooking times.
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    When does Greek Lent start?

    I know that Greek Easter is a week after Western Easter this year - sometime in Mid April. I actually observe Western Easter, but I love Greek cooking and culture, so I joined the forum. I want to learn more about the religious side of things for Greeks. I know that lent is coming up, does...
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    Quick Greek Dinner Ideas

    Many of the Greek dishes I know how to cook are very time consuming for me to put together, like stuffed grape leaves and spanakopita. Sometimes, I want to eat Greek food, but I don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Can you think of some easy Greek suppers besides salads to eat? I...
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    Making Greek baked beans advice...

    I saw a recipe for Greek baked beans in tomato sauce and I want to make it. It calls for dried gigantes beans, which I can't find. Can I use any dried bean? I was thinking dried, white lima beans. I also think I read in another thread that someone here uses butter beans? Can I use canned beans...
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    Traveling to Kefalonia in the Summer

    I have heard great things about some of those places you mentioned. I want to be able to do the island justice - so I am thing at least ten days. I would love to stay longer, though.
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    Traveling to Kefalonia in the Summer

    Now that the holidays are behind me, I am starting to think about traveling to Greece in 2023. I want to visit a place I never have before, and I am thinking that Kefalonia might be a great place to explore. I would like to be on the island during when the sea turtles are on the beaches laying...
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    Making chicken kapama?

    It has been a while since I have made chicken kapama. A recipe I found has me doing a spice rub with cinnamon, cloves, salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar. It seems like an extra step - I am willing to do it if necessary, but in talking to people, I don't think everyone does this step. I have a...
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    New Year's Greek Food?

    I ended up making a spanakopita to go with the spread. Luana, I love the idea of serving chicken kapama - maybe I will cook that soon, and definitely a strong possibility for next year!
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    Vasilopita Recipe for New Year's

    I am planning to make Vasliopita for New Year's. It would be my first time. I found this recipe and I will share the ingredients. I only have a question about the ingredients, not the method (looks to be like making a cake?). Here are the ingredients: 4 cups all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons...
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    New Year's Greek Food?

    So, what do Greeks typically eat for their New Year's celebrations? I know, it is a bit of a generalization, but I am trying to plan a menu for my next major Greek meal. I know that not everyone in Greece eats the same thing. I will, of course, be serving Vasilopita as part of my dinner party...
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    Preparing Greek Style Pork for Christmas?

    I am thinking to prepare a Greek-style pork dish for my Christmas meal. How do people usually do it? Is it a roast? I was thinking of marinating the roast meat in a ladolemono overnight and roasting it with potatoes... What types of sides do people serve with this, besides the potatoes?
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    Recipes list for Greek holiday cooking

    Wow! Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I think I might try to make pork this year and have a traditional Greek dinner table.
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    Greek Thanksgiving "Stuffing" Recipe?

    Thanksgiving is coming up, and I am trying to track down a recipe. I had a Greek friend verbally describe what this is, but I need a recipe to follow if someone can help me out. His family recipe involves: Onion Ground beef Rice Water or broth All spice, cinnamon, oregano (I thought he said...
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    Recipes list for Greek holiday cooking

    I want to experiment making some traditional Greek dishes over the holidays. While I am learning how to cook Greek foods, I am also getting to know the culture. So, what do people typical cook during this time of year? I have done some research and made a quick list: ** There's a Greek...
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    Making Pasta with a Fried Egg

    I have been cooking a simple dish - essentially you make pasta (I like spaghetti or linguine). After it's cooked, I plate the pasta, drizzle it with olive oil, sprinkle Romano cheese (my favorite for this dish) and top it with a fried egg. Now, I have seen variations of this dish in different...
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    How Do You Make Your Greek Village Salad?

    I have realized it definitely depends on my mood. Thank you for weighing in!
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    Which Greek Destination Gives the Best Culinary Experience?

    If I wanted to visit Greece and enjoy a lot of consistently great food, where would you recommend? Here are some things I was thinking about ... feel free to chime in and offer suggestions: ... Athens - it being a larger city, I figure there has to be plenty of options and interesting twists...
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    How Do You Make Your Greek Village Salad?

    These are great tips! I am hesitant about the acid because when the tomatoes are fresh and the juices puddle at the bottom, that seems to have enough acid for my tastes, especially when mixed with the other flavors. But I did notice that when the tomatoes aren't as fresh, the salad could benefit...