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    Tips on learning Greek!

    Yes! I am trying to brush up on my Greek, as I plan to go to Greece in the summer. Using Pimsleur so that I can practice speaking anytime I get the chance. I also try to watch Greek movies and shows when I can.
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    Have you tried Mandola? Its Kefalonias most famous sweet

    This has been one of my favorite sweets over the years. Whenever family members go to Kefalonia, and when I go myself, I always make sure to get some. I would definitely try some if you are able!
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    The island of Kefalonia just published brand new tourism videos!

    This is an amazing video! As someone with roots in Kefalonia, it makes me proud to see the footage. It also makes me want to go back!
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    Play this Greek holiday playlist for your upcoming gatherings

    This is a great playlist. Thanks for sharing itI I have a few days before Christmas and plan to listen to it a lot.
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    Koulourakia are a classic Greek winter time cookie

    I agree! I love koulourakia, as well! This is great anytime of the year, but there is something special about eating it this time of year. I am not sure, but I think my family uses orange zest around Christmas to give it a different flavor.
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    Beautiful slideshow of Greek Christmas carolers to remember the old times

    This is great, I like to imagine that my family in Greece had memories like this when Christmas came around. I'd go for the triangle too if I were there! So, people used to go around door to door and sing this song?
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    Beautiful Christmas Carols from Crete!

    This is so festive. I love how Greek Christmas songs retain the instrumentation from traditional music. The photos that are part of this video are great, too.
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    Melissani cave is to die for

    I did when I went, it was worth it. I am not sure I would take that approach again, though. If I could find a way to get in there on my own schedule, I think I'd prefer that. The tour was worth it at the time.
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    Melissani cave is to die for

    I agree, this is one of my favorite places in Kefalonia! I visited it last time I was on the island and plan to visit again next time!
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    How can I avoid the crowds in Kefalonia?

    I think a great way to avoid crowds on an island like Kefalonia, but still see everything we want, is to travel at the "off peak" times within the tourist season. May, September, and October are my favorite months to visit Greece.
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    Are most of the tavernas open in Argostoli?

    For sure, I haven't decided when to go yet. I think I need to see what happens with the Delta Variant. I am hoping for next summer, fingers crossed!
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    Exploring beaches and castles in Kefalonia!

    Wow, these caves do look amazing! I can't wait to visit them when I go... I didn't see them the first time I was there.
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    Share your favorite pictures of Kefalonia!

    Here's a good one! So many great photos of the island...
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    The castle of Saint George in Kefalonia

    Thank you, will do!
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    Are most of the tavernas open in Argostoli?

    I agree, it's sad! It will be great once this pandemic is over... I wanted to go to Kefalonia/Greece this year but decided to hold off.
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    The castle of Saint George in Kefalonia

    There are so many great places to visit on this island, I am keeping a list and hopefully I'll be able to see most of them when I go...
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    Visiting Petani beach is one of the best things to do in Kefalonia

    This does look like a great place! When I make it to Kefalonia I'll check it out...
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    If you like museums, visit the Nautical Museum of Kefalonia

    This is one thing I didn't end up having time for when I was on Kefalonia. It looks interesting!
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    The endangered sea turtles of Kefalonia

    I know, I agree. I am not sure - are they endangered? This is a good little factual writeup about them: https://kateliosgroup.org/sea-turtles-in-kefalonia/
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    What are some of the best traditional desserts from Kefalonia?

    So, my mother would make this cookie called the Mandola (almost cookie). It is from her side I think I might have Kefalonian roots. Anyway, when I was in Kefalonia a long time ago, I seem to recall the cookie was all over the island. I didn't make the connection at the time that this could be...