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    Good Kefalonia Beaches for Late Summer

    I am headed to Kefalonia in late summer - August/September. I am wondering which beaches are best this time of year? I heard that these beaches were good - Myrtos Beach, Antisamos Beach, and Skala Beach. Are any of these good at that time of year?
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    Caves and Lake in Kephalonia

    Thank you! I will look int it... I will be there in September s maybe it will be okay?
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    Caves and Lake in Kephalonia

    I saw some photos of the caves in Kephalonia and there's a lake near one of them, too. I think the cave is called Drograti and the lake is Melissani. I got the impression they were close to each other? Are they? I would love to visit both - seems like such a natural and beautiful place. I don't...
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    Options for a bachelor’s party in Greece

    I am still trying to plan a bachelor’s party in Greece. I have researched a few destinations and hit some dead ends. Here are my latest possibilities – I have narrowed it down and am wondering what you guys think: Athens – this is by far the most convenient for everyone, and there are a lot of...
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    Greek food for a guy’s night?

    I often have “guy’s night” at my house. Usually we watch sports or a loud movie that our significant others don’t have any interest in seeing. I like to serve food, but we usually do takeout. I thought I would actually have some food ready for the guys when they come. I need help on options...
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    Greek Marinades for Meat

    I love to barbecue, make wings, etc. A lot of my cooking technique depends on me marinating meat. I experiment with all kinds of marinades. I mentioned in another thread that I used bottled greek dressing (oil based) mixed with some red pepper flakes to make some wings for the Super Bowl. It was...
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    "Greek-Style" Chicken Wings Question...

    Update on the wings - I got some Greek dressing from the store, added some red pepper flakes to it t make it hotter, and marinated the wings in those. It was so good! Still curious what you guys all do...
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    "Greek-Style" Chicken Wings Question...

    It is football playoff season and I want to eat wings! I thought I would try to mix it up and create a Greek style wings situation ... so I decided to use ladolemono (oil and lemon with garlic, oregano, salt, pepper, some onion). I marinate the wings in a bag overnight, then actually fired up...
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    Spending a Month in Greece Next Year for Wedding

    I am spending about a month in Greece next year. I am planning to visit Tilos (a possibility for my bachelor party) and the wedding itself will be a little bit after that in Athens with my family. After that, the new wife and I wanted to stay for a couple more weeks. Where should we go? I don't...
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    Grilling Greek Food Indoors

    I have one of those "fancy" stoves with a grill. I hadn't thought to use it for cooking Greek food like souvlaki in the winter until now. Does anyone have any advice? I know it won't be quite the same, flavor wise, but I think it will be a nice substitute for the outdoor grill. I was basically...
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    What do you know about Tilos?

    I am wondering if an island like Tilos is a better trip for a bachelor party. Is there enough going on in terms of night life? The reason why I am considering this option is that I feel I want the place to be somewhat isolated and relaxing. Yes, I want night life, but I also want a relaxing...
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    What is the best Greek island for a bachelor party?

    Thank you, guys! I will think about all that you said and try to decide something.
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    Greek dishes that use clove?

    I kind of didn't realize that clove was common in Greek cooking. I thought I would make a list of dishes I can think of that use it... - I have a friend who puts clove in her baklava syrup, and a fresh clove in the center of each piece - Any recipe that uses cinnamon, I think I might be able to...
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    Common Herbs and Spices in Greek Cooking

    Thank you! I added clove to my routine.
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    Common Herbs and Spices in Greek Cooking

    I want to make sure I have a well-stocked spice cabinet for when I want to cook Greek dishes at home. Here is a list of herbs and spices - please let me know if I missed anything: Allspice Basil Cinnamon Mahleppi Mastic Mint Nutmeg Oregano Saffron Thyme
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    Giving Greek Cooking My Own Style

    I have been cooking more and more Greek foods at home and one thing I noticed is that traditional Greek cooks tend to have their own, unique style. It doesn't seem like something a person can teach. How do I get the foods to have my own style? For example, I watched someone cook once and they...
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    Interesting Greek Dishes to Cook

    I definitely like the idea of trying one dish at a time and perfecting it and seeing how I like it. Thank you for chiming in!
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    Interesting Greek Dishes to Cook

    I found this list of Greek dishes to cook. Some of them I have cooked, some I have not. Either way, I was thinking of trying them out, even the ones that I have cooked before - every chef has their own way of doing things and I thought this might be a nice project for this fall. Do you guys have...
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    Shrimp pasta is a Greek classic

    I am not sure, but it is fairly unique - I haven't seen it before in other places in Greece, but I love it!
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    Shrimp pasta is a Greek classic

    I agree, this is delicious. Though it's not traditionally Greek, it has all the traditional flavors. Versions in other countries, like Italy, do taste a little different. So in Greece, the dish took on a new life! Looks so good!