1. nm1999

    Horse back riding in Crete is so beautiful

    I was looking at some activities to do in Crete and I think horseback riding will for sure be on my list!
  2. nm1999

    What is your favorite Greek tradition? Mine is name day celebrations!

    I love name days! They're like birthdays but even better, and my favorite part is that people are able to share them with their family members who have the same names. Every year, on a specific day, most Greek people with Greek names will have a "name day" that is the day of the saint who...
  3. nm1999

    Did you know that Rhodes is a medieval island?

    Rhodes has so much more history than we know! This video showcases how its truly a medieval island :)
  4. nm1999

    The marathon started in Greece!

    The famous marathon that we know of today started in Greece! The first marathon actually took place at the Battle of Marathon. The Greeks won because of Pheideppes who greatly affected the war. After the Greek army defeated the Persian army, the commander, Miltiades, told his messenger to send...
  5. nm1999

    Is anyone visiting Greece for the holidays?

    Beautiful, I will be in Athens during Christmas :)
  6. nm1999

    Yesterdays Oxi Day celebrations

    Zito! 🇬🇷 🇬🇷 🇬🇷
  7. nm1999

    Elafonisi beach is just unbeatable

    Stunning!! Yes, that's why I love this beach, its great for kids and families :)
  8. nm1999

    Pictures of Rhodes, Greece!

    I would love to see everyones Rhodes pictures!! Please post :)
  9. nm1999

    How long after being in Greece will it take to learn Greek?

    Any tv shows or moviees that you recommend?
  10. nm1999

    If you travel to Greece youre likely to see sheep on the road!

    Sooo cute!!! I wonder if they are for shearing, meat, or milk
  11. nm1999

    My hiking trip in Corfu

    amazing!! Id love to hike more often on vacation, thanks for the tip
  12. nm1999

    Does anyone have advice for shipwreck beach?

    This is what shipwreck beach looks like for anyone wondering. I want to go so bad!!! Ive been admiring pictures for a long time now :) Does anyone have advice for how to get to the beach etc.?
  13. nm1999

    Posting pictures of Monastiraki square!

    I can never get enough of how great Monastiraki looks!! Post your pics :)
  14. nm1999

    These are the best historical towns to visit in Greece!

    If you're looking for old towns and beautiful architecture, there are a few standout places that you have to visit!! I love Thessaloniki old town because there is also great things to do all around the city and it is by the water. Chania old town is also great, and Crete is one of my favorite...
  15. nm1999

    Making yummy pickled Greek peppers

    These are the types of peppers you'll find in Americanized Greek salads. I like to add them in sandwiches and put them in my Greek charcuterie boards. This is the recipe! The longer you marines them in a jar, the better 20 - 30 thin peppers, such as Anaheim peppers, about 3 inches long, stems...
  16. nm1999

    What is the best topic for a history paper about Greece?

    One of my friends is taking a modern Greek history course, and he's struggling to find a topic for hispaper. I told him about this forum, and I'm thinking that some of you history buffs would have good ideas. The paper is supposed to pinpoint a pivotal moment/change in Greek history and discuss...
  17. nm1999

    Elpis was the god of hope and suffering in ancient Greece

    Elpis, the minor Greek goddess of hope, appears in just a few of the epics and histories past down. The fatherless daughter of Nyx, goddess of night, might be classified more as a spirit, or daemon. She is generally referred to as a young woman offering flowers. Her biggest part in the Greek...
  18. nm1999

    Best ice cream spot in Sidari, Corfu!!

    The best is Kelly's Ice House for sure! Its an ice cream place, they also offer other foods, such as pancakes, to enjoy. You might want to eat your food sitting on one of the tables outside so you can fully enjoy the beautiful weather!
  19. nm1999

    Have you ever heard of octopus pita from Lesvos?

    This is definitely not super popular, but I think it might taste awesome because I love seafood. This is how you make it. You need to cook down the octopus with wine and then put it in-between phyllo as you would spanakopita. 2 pounds fresh octopus, cleaned 1/2 cup dry red wine 3 tablespoons...
  20. nm1999

    From Mykonos To Delos And The Quirky Stuff In Between !👌

    Who is your favorite celebrity sighting in Mykonos??? I am so curious