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    How to be safe when taking taxis in Greece

    you can also use app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gr.androiddev.taxibeat&hl=el&gl=US this app show you exacly the cost of your destenation so you know from before the cost!
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    Visit Anavissos beach near Athens!!

    bali beach bar lagonisi more quiet at weekends is located in lagonisi
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    These are the best historical towns to visit in Greece!

    Also Delphi-nauplio-corinthos-mycaene
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    Visit Anavissos beach near Athens!!

    in weekends is not a good choise is very crowded ps i live near anavissos
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    Do you recommend taking a guided tour of the Acropolis?

    if your intrest is to learn history myths trandition and not just to make photos, a lincened guide will answer in all your questions!
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    Tips for how to have a romantic getaway in Athens

    Sounio is The best choise especialy with full moon
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